Saturday, January 1, 2011

Doctors Mess is back!

Assalamualaikum w.w.

Sorry for keeping this website dormant for awhile but soon we will be active again. More information to disseminate like the new salary scheme! (Scheme of Service) that has just been recently approved, what happen to oncall allowances, etc. More news to update, like the Brunei Medical Association etc and more medical cases to review... Anyway I just got back from Singapore and there is more to write about that experience as well.

See you guys around again!


half&half said...

Hi Asmi

Nice one

If you would like some cases for the site gimme a shout as I collect educational cases every week....

Look forward to find out the mysteries of the new Scheme too!

Doctors Mess Brunei said...

We all do man.. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi assalamualaikum,,im nurul fr malaysia,,i possess a medical degree from ukraine,,is it possible for me to do my housemanship in brunei?

messdoctor said...

Hi nurul, I think ukraine degree may not be recognised in Brunei, futhermore I would strongly recommend that you do your housemanship in Malaysia where it is established. Brunei's housemanship programme is not properly established yet.

Mandy said...

Dear respected doctors, I would like to ask for professional advice. I am Malaysian female with SLE, currently working in Brunei.

1)Would like to inquire are there any SLE specialists in Brunei? It would be much more convenient if I can follow-up in Brunei instead of my usual SLE specialist in KL.

2)Would also like to inquire are there any private skin specialists in Brunei? I have a growth on the inner shin of my left leg, 0.8cm in diameter, hard, no pain when pressed, appeared 2 years ago but so far no further growth, would like to have it removed asap.

Thanking you in advance for your kind assistance.

Anonymous said...

i'm a medical officer from malaysia with 10 years of working experience mainly neonatology and general paediatric including pediatric intensive care at tertiarycentre.Is there any vacancy in pediatric as a medical officer and how much is the salary??

messdoctor said...

Firstly for your SLE follow-up I'm sure the Dept of Rheumatology at RIPAS Hospital can accomodate and continue your treatment. That Dept is headed by Dr Margaret Wong and she is a consultant Rheumatologist.

Secondly I don't know of any private skin specialist but in our hospital there are a couple of skin specialists and one of them is Dr Sabrina.

Ad said...

Awesome that it's back up running. may I suggest some avenues for future posts you might be able to help with. A lot of our Bruneian trainees may be contemplating their future specialty choices.
Any chance of collating a list of current department leads and how many locals vs expats there are plus how many locals currently training for those specialties overseas.
I'm sure this is a huge undertaking but it may be helpful not just for trainees but for our health service to be able to get more local expertise.
Thanks and keep up the good work.