Monday, February 15, 2010

Brunei Medical Association - New constitution & new president

After a period hibernation.. BMA has finally resurfaced again. It's back to square one again... When BMA was launched a year and so ago.. there was echos that the constitution by which this association stands upon was too rigid and unrepresentative of the whole medical practitioners in Brunei Darussalam. The interim committee took upon this seriously and have been working closely together address this issue.

Finally it has been decided that after being pursued its members, the Brunei Medical Association will propose certain changes in it's current constitution and and Extra-Ordinary General Meeting will be held sometime in March to officially vote for these changes. Amongst others BMA proposes that
  • All members (regardless of citizenship) will receive equal rights to vote
  • All Brunei citizen members are given opportunity to run for executive office
For more details of the proposed new constitution, please contact BMA

BMA would also like to inform it's members that Dato Paduka Dr Hj Latif b Ibrahim have officially resigned from his post as the Interim President and
Dr Hj Isham b Jaafar (Cardiothoracic Surgeon/Medical Director of JPMC) has been nominated to lead the BMA for now, until the official AGM.

NB. The current members are required to renew membership by 28th February 2010, to be eligible to vote for the change of constitution during the EGM.

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