Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hospital Medicine Career Pathways + Current Doctors Salary in Brunei

I think this flowchart best summarizes the different career pathways available in hospital medicine, that Brunei Government recognizes at the moment for our doctors. On the left hand side you can see the pay scale corresponding to your grades and your required qualifications in the middle column. Other Post-Graduate qualifications are not included, because it seems to be quite variable at times. We are not sure why this is so.. just an observation. Probably best to direct that questions to the PGATB and relevant authorities.

Also to note is that only Housemanship/Foundation year and Basic Specialty Training (BST) programme are available in Brunei at the moment. For AST, Seamless training pathways and other equivalant, you'd have to go abroad to places like Singapore, Australia, UK and the US.

At least this information will be most useful to our undergraduates whom are still studying abroad especially for those planning to stay in hospital medicine. For GPs and Public Health this flowchart does not apply. Please note that our undegraduates from Australia & New Zealand will be considered the same like UK.

This information is the based on the current scheme of service. Please bear in mind that this does not take into consideration the New Scheme of Service which we're still working on with JPA and it hasn't included the On-Call Allowances which is still awaiting it's implementation.


Ripas Medic said...

apa seamless training ani?

Doctors Mess Brunei said...

Seamless Training is a fairly new training programme around our region (Singapore has introduced it) but has been going for so long in the US and the UK are picking up as well.

It is essentially both BST and AST combined together and the advantage is that once you get selected to go into a Seamless training programme you don't have to think about applying for AST places anymore... you will just 'seamlessly' progress to higher level until you complete your specialist training.

In singapore I think it's about 5 years. You still have to do M.Med exams at year 2 though before they allow you to progress to year 3. And there are usually exit exams at the end of year 5 for surgical specialty and for medically related areas usually there is some sort of formative assessment.

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